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03.05.15 | Hissho is Expanding!


As we grow, we’re looking for more talent and fostering the local economy in Charlotte, N.C.  Click here to read more.

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02.20.15 | Happy New Year

How lucky are we to kick off our blog with a recap of our festive Chinese New Year celebration?!
Eager faces gathered Thursday afternoon at Hissho HQ to kick off the Lunar New Year celebrations. Hisshonians, one by one, received traditional red envelopes for good fortune in the new year.

Traditionally, red envelopes are passed out during the New Year celebrations and almost always contain money – the amount of which should be of even numbers!
Then, with accompanying loud drums and cymbals, a dragon weaved its way in and out of the crowd. Hisshonians placed more red envelopes into the Dragon’s mouth to bring on a little more good luck for the new year!


The Dragon (and Lion!) dances are very common during Chinese New Year celebrations. Some believe the loud drums and cymbals combined with the frightening faces of the dancing Dragon or Lion can push bad or evil spirits away. Some more elaborate dragons can employ dozens and dozens of performers!
After the dragon went back to his lair, we played a Chinese New Year-themed game of “backwards charades.” For this, we split into four teams and each team designated one representative who would attempt to guess which Chinese Zodiac animal their team was trying to act out in “charades.” As you would expect, this resulted in lots of laughter, random animal answers and more craziness.
After the laughter subsided and a winning team was declared, we all enjoyed a wide array of sweet desserts, smoothies and fresh coffee to finish ringing in a sweet new year! It was a fun afternoon filled with laughter, good fortune and smiles!
Did you celebrate Chinese New Year? Tell us what you did for your celebrations!

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Hissho Expands HQ

Hissho Sushi is expanding their Headquarters in Charlotte, NC. Having moved into their current location in 2005, it was thought that the available 40,000 sq.ft. of space would suffice for a long time. But with their burgeoning growth, Hissho was “bursting at the seams.” Hence, the current expansion that started in December 2014 is almost finished. Additionally, the employee break room has undergone a complete renovation with an added outside covered patio with a fire pit extension.

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Hissho Launches New Website

Hissho Sushi has just launched their NEW website!  After months of intensive research and long hours of hard work, our Phase 1 has been launched, and the user-experience will be clear-cut, fun, and informative! We have lots of great photos to “show” what we’re all about; and all the pages are mobile-friendly. As our Core Value #10 says……… it’s “Simple, Hip, & Chic.”

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Hissho Sushi Sweet 16 Tournament

Bracket busted? It’s okay…you can still play the Sushi Tournament on Hissho’s FB page! Check it out and vote daily on the day’s match-up! http://lnkd.in/G-HJcY 

Greater Charlotte Asian Festival & Dragon Boat Races

The Hissho Foundation served up tasty sandwiches and cold water at this year’s Greater Charlotte Asian Festival and Dragon Boat Races! Our Hisshonian Volunteers had a blast at the festival serving with a smile!

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Achieve the Impossible

Core Value 11
There is always a way. Go out and find it. We’re not interested in settling, conforming or worse – surrendering and giving up. You’re sometimes asked and expected to perform the impossible. When you begin to think something is impossible cry out “Hissho!”, and envision Certain Victory and achieve the impossible! That is what you are capable of. You are a Hisshonian! Achieve the Impossible!

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Generate Fun

Core Value 8
As Hisshonians, we Work Hard and Play Hard afterwards, but while we are working, it can no doubt be stressful. We’re also here at work more than we are often at home. We want you to enjoy your work. Don’t get bogged down in the stress. Look for ways to generate and have fun throughout the day. Not only will you find the stress melting away and the day flying by because you’re having so much fun, but you will also find that with the stress relieved and your new free spirit soaring high, fresh and exciting ideas will spring forward. Generate fun! You’ll soon find yourself even more creative and dynamic.

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Self Control & Respect

Core Value 7
Hisshonians must first respect themselves before they can respect others.  When you are trustworthy, show integrity, and have a sense of awareness, you will gain respect.  Respect must be earned over time and but also understand it only takes an instant to tarnish one’s reputation. Work hard, walk the high road and avoid the shortcuts. You will respect yourself for doing so and so will others. Likewise, your fellow Hisshonians are also working hard and walking that high road. Be sure to treat them with the same respect they too have earned.