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What We Do We’re bringing our sushi to you everywhere you work, live, and play.

For 20 years, Hissho Sushi has been quietly disrupting the dining industry and elevating the sushi experience by partnering with upscale grocers and the cafeterias of corporations, airports, universities and medical facilities. We’re ensuring that when people seek out sushi, Hissho is there. We’re also committed to not only making sushi more accessible but also more approachable to shoppers of all backgrounds, ages and diet preferences. Hissho has created new, innovative rolls that not only deliver on taste, they fulfill the health standard more people are searching to find.

How do we do it? Hissho Sushi aspires to enrich lives, and to inspire all to be great and do good.

Hissho is leading the charge on delivering fresh, innovative, premium rolls and menu items that consumers crave. Hissho chefs and franchisees continue to challenge themselves by creating new rolls and food trends, while also keeping healthy and locally sourced options top of mind. We not only ensure that our employees are specially trained and have all the tools they need for success — the company makes sure they feel empowered to reach new heights and goals in their professional and personal lives.

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Chef Nanda

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How We Roll: Always Responsibly Sourced

Hissho knows that its mission goes well beyond providing people with amazing sushi. We are dedicated to answering the call to action to be a responsible community partner. That is why we purchase all our seafood from sources that keep in mind the long-term well-being of the species and our oceans.

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Our franchisees are at the heart of what we do. Learn more about the opportunity to cultivate success and innovation as part of a growing team.

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