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Hissho and Thai Union partnered in 2018. Thai Union has supported Hissho through product development, sustainability programs, and living passionately by healthy oceans drive healthy living.

“From Thai Union’s vision, mission and values to our day-to-day operations, responsible engagement with both the people and natural resources along our supply chain is fundamental to our approach.” – Thai Union

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About Thai Union

“Thai Union’s vision is to be the world’s most trusted seafood leader, committed to preserving resources for future generations. Their mission is to drive positive change in the seafood industry, making a significant and beneficial impact on consumers, customers, and category management.

Their goal is to promote “Healthy Living, Healthy Oceans” across their portfolio, focusing on health and well-being while expanding their core business and venturing into new attractive areas. Thai Union aims to lead the industry in sustainability and attract and retain talented individuals.

Thiraphong Chansiri, the CEO & President, emphasizes the company’s top priorities of ensuring the health and safety of employees, customers, and the supply chain. Their dedication to business continuity and delivering trusted, safe, and high-quality seafood products to consumers worldwide remains unwavering.”
“The working relationship between Thai Union and Hissho Sushi began with a visit by the Hissho team to Thailand to understand Thai Union’s capabilities.

This visit served as an opportunity to explore how Thai Union could support Hissho in terms of product development, sustainability programs, and more. Following this visit, a strategic growth plan was established, leveraging Thai Union’s expertise and resources.

The collaboration extended to treating Thai Union’s plant and the Hissho R&D team, comprising over 50 individuals, as valuable resources for Hissho. Both companies committed to working closely together and monitoring the progress of the business plan to ensure successful implementation and mutual benefit.”
“Thai Union prioritizes the quality and freshness of its seafood products through stringent measures. The duration from farm to factory is kept at less than 18 hours, even for the longest distance from the southern part of Thailand, while the eastern part takes only 6-8 hours*. From the moment raw materials are received until the finished products are ready, the entire process is completed within 48 hours.

Temperature control is meticulously maintained throughout the entire process to ensure freshness, with raw materials received at temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius and the entire production process maintained below 10 degrees Celsius. These measures guarantee that Thai Union’s seafood products meet high quality standards and retain their freshness for customers to enjoy.”

If approved, the frozen shrimp is packed and QC checks for samples every 30 minutes in each package throughout the day for size, glaze, and quality analysis. It takes a non-stop team to keep this process together.
“Thai Union’s seafood products go through a carefully managed process from sourcing to delivery. With four strategically located shrimp processing facilities and a production capacity of over 120,000 tons per year, Thai Union employs around 10,000 employees for this operation.

They offer a range of raw shrimp products, including head-on, easy peel, tail on, tail off, and butterfly, as well as value-added options like breaded, marinated, wonton, sushi, pre-fried, and sushi with live shrimp.

The processing involves thorough quality checks, ensuring incoming raw materials are received at the right temperature and meet strict standards. Washing, belly cutting, stretching, soaking, and other steps are carried out with precision and controlled temperatures.

Tempura shrimp processing includes additional steps such as pre-dusting, frying, and freezing. Metal detection is performed, and the final products are carefully packed, stored in cold storage, and transported in temperature-controlled containers.

This meticulous approach guarantees the quality, freshness, and safety of Thai Union’s seafood products at every stage of the journey to customers.”
“Thai Union stands out in the market with their diverse seafood product offerings. With business categories covering Ambient Seafood, Frozen and Chilled, PetCare, and Value Added & Others, their frozen seafood business, operated across seven factories, is particularly noteworthy.

Their bestselling items include sushi in the frozen shrimp unit and breaded panko in the breaded and pre-fried unit. Thai Union’s Monori brand, created specifically for the CAN concept of convenience, affordability, and nutrition, offers a range of delicious and wholesome seafood snacks like Shrimp Cheek Snacks, Salmon Skin Snacks, and Squid Snacks. With their wide range of offerings and commitment to quality, Thai Union remains a standout choice for seafood enthusiasts.”
“Thai Union’s Quality Management Department (QM) serves as the central hub for updating new regulations within the company. With a strong commitment to quality and compliance, the QM department diligently monitors changes in food safety, product quality, sustainability, and other relevant regulations.

They play a vital role in implementing and communicating these updates throughout the organization, ensuring that Thai Union’s operations, processes, and products align with the latest standards.

By proactively adapting practices to meet regulatory requirements, Thai Union maintains its dedication to delivering safe, high-quality, and sustainable seafood products, fostering consumer trust and confidence.”
“Thai Union demonstrates a commitment to staying up to date with the latest trends and regulations in the seafood industry through their Seachange programs. Under the Safe & Legal Labor program, they conduct audits of vessels, adopt the Employer Pays Principle, and provide a “Comic Contract” to educate fishers about their rights.

In Responsible Sourcing, they have exceeded their target of sourcing 75% of global branded tuna from Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPS) and certified MSC, and they work towards supply chain transparency with The Nature Conservancy.

Thai Union also emphasizes Responsible Operations, with a comprehensive GHG inventory and commitments to food loss reduction and responsible palm oil sourcing. Their People & Communities initiatives include extensive donations during the COVID-19 pandemic and a focus on Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in Thai Union North America.

Overall, Thai Union’s efforts align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and they have achieved remarkable scores in various areas, securing their position as a leader in sustainability in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.”
“Thai Union is committed to enhancing sustainability efforts and expanding product offerings in the future through their Seachange 2030 program.

With a focus on Human Rights and Employment Practices, Responsible Sourcing, Traceability, and Climate Change and GHG Emissions Reduction, Thai Union aims to be “fit-for-the-future” and establish themselves as a go-to provider of sustainable seafood. They set impact-focused, measurable goals to ensure compliance with anticipated regulations and communicate their commitment effectively.

Future state commitments include sourcing 100% of tuna from MSC or FIPs, achieving reusable and recyclable packaging, reducing food loss and waste, significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions, addressing ocean plastics, improving aquaculture practices, ecosystem restoration, fostering diversity and inclusion, ensuring safe and decent work environments, eliminating deforestation, and promoting health and wellness.

Thai Union’s comprehensive plan showcases their dedication to sustainability and making a positive impact across various aspects of their operations.”
“Thai Union, as a responsible seafood company, focuses on protecting a wide range of sea animals through their sustainable fishing practices.

Thai Union works to prevent overfishing and minimize bycatch, which helps protect various species of fish and marine life. They also take measures to safeguard endangered species and reduce the impact on their habitats.

Collaborating with organizations such as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs), Thai Union actively participates in initiatives that support the conservation of marine biodiversity and the preservation of local sea animal populations.”
“Thai Union wants the average customer to be aware of two important aspects when consuming or purchasing seafood.

First, they prioritize the reliability of sourcing and the credibility of the producer. Thai Union takes great care in ensuring that their seafood is sourced responsibly, adhering to rigorous standards for sustainability and quality. This guarantees that customers can trust the origins of the seafood they consume.

Second, Thai Union wants customers to understand that seafood is not only a delicious source of protein but also one of the most sustainable and nutritious options available. Seafood offers essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, making it a healthy choice for a balanced diet.

By promoting the benefits of sustainable seafood, Thai Union encourages customers to make informed choices that support both their health and the well-being of our oceans.”

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