Make a Fresh
Career Move

We know that great people are the key ingredient to good success. Hissho team members and franchisees work toward a common cause, “To Be Great, and Do Good”. This philosophy extends from workplace to community, with our Tribe focused on providing a world-class experience and enriching the lives of all those around them.

Our Core Values

Communicate Openly & Honestly

We believe in transparency and are rewarded with the trust it fosters. We pride ourselves on honest communication delivered with thoughtfulness, consideration and sensitivity.

Empower Each Other to Achieve the Impossible

With the tools, training and — most importantly — freedom to act independently, our team is primed to reach new heights. We’re sometimes asked and expected to do the impossible, and we always rise to the occasion.

Dare to Be Different

We don’t settle for normal around here, and we definitely don’t follow the crowd. We’ve always been a little different and we believe it’s one of the cornerstones of our success.

Inspire & Be Inspired

Make a difference in ways big and small every day. Your actions and attitude can have farther-reaching impact than you may ever know.

Respect Ourselves & Each Other

We value people who are trustworthy, show integrity and have a sense of self-awareness. When you cultivate these traits, it shows you respect yourself and in turn, you gain the respect of others.

Deliver High-Speed, High-Touch Service

We know that it’s not enough just to have the best products on the market. We must also provide impeccable service to our customers and partners.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Hitting our goals truly brings us joy and we’re driven to get there. We may face tough challenges along the way, but we always have fun getting there — and we always celebrate at the end of the road.

Exude Compassion & Humility

We know none of us can do it alone, so showing kindness, caring and willingness to help is a key to building our tight-knit team. With no egos in the way, we get a lot more done.

How We Roll: Takin' Care
Of Business

Our world headquarters is in Charlotte, NC, where our employees work on everything from recipes to marketing.

Dedicated to
Fresh Ideas

Hissho Sushi is always working to roll in new ideas and innovative options for our customers, partners, and franchisees.

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