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Thanksgiving at Hissho

Thanksgiving at Hissho
As the summer swept by like a kite on steroids, we find ourselves in the midst of autumn with Christmas lights up outside already, the tree in place in our reception area, and bits of ornamentation around the office.  But before we dive headlong into Christmas, we paused  just long enough to give Thanksgiving its due.
Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year, mainly because it’s not fraught with pure commercialism.  It’s a time for reflection, and giving thought to what we have and appreciate the gifts given by God each and every day.  Thinking back on how Thanksgiving began, with the Pilgrims and Native American Indians coming together and sharing what they had, to create a meal to give thanks for all that had happened leading up to that moment.
It’s the same today, just in a different environment and over 500 years later.  That we can share, love, and laugh together are the things that make life meaningful.  We at Hissho are so grateful for our teams around the country who make us proud, our staff who share the same mission, and a CEO who leads by example.  We are truly blessed, and stopping to acknowledge this is paramount to our continuing success.
Each year we celebrate Thanksgiving by sharing a delicious meal together.  Some years we prepare everything ourselves, some years we have it catered, and for the past two, our generous CEO has treated us all.  This is so appreciated in that all we had to do was show up, eat up, and clean up.  Seems so simple until we remember who made it happen.  In pausing to give thanks to the ones who prepared it, the one who paid for it, and the teams who cleaned up, our gratefulness became boundless.
Thanksgiving is now in the rear view mirror, but should always be in the periphery.  We at Hissho hope yours was wonderful, and we’re sure it was if you had a platter of our delicious sushi to share.  If not, be sure to order your platters for the Christmas holidays and New Year’s.

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12.30.15 | Hissho Gives Back This Christmas

Hisshonians celebrate Christmas morning at Rescue Mission!  With 70o F weather outside, and the sun shining, it seemed more like spring than Christmas Day in December.  Nine of our team gathered in the kitchen to help prepare the lunch for residents, guests, and family for the 11:30 AM meal.
Our CEO Philip Maung brought his wife and two sons to join in, and the daughter of another co-worker, filled the ranks to cut and place desserts, prepare rolls for warming, and any other duties assigned.
While we manned the kitchen, an army of other volunteers donned black bow ties on white shirts, with black slacks, to individually serve each guests as if they were in an expensive establishment.  Director Tony Marciano says Charlotte is the only facility of its kind in the country that has the volunteers wear a black tie.  In turn, Marciano says “that the guests not only come for the meal, but for the conversation, and are so appreciative that they are treated as an equal, and not a homeless person.”
Usually Hissho volunteers on Thanksgiving and Easter, but this year we added Christmas!  What a wonderful way to give back to the community.  We have been blessed to be a part of such a great organization as Rescue Mission.

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12.24.15 | Hissho Yankee Swap

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through our house
Every creature was stirring, even the Hissho elves
The presents were all stacked on the table with care
In hopes that their gift would be one they would keep


 The employees were nestled, all snug in their chairs
While visions of splendor danced in the heads
And the moderators in their PJs & Christmas attire
Had just settled in to start the affair




As the numbers were called, each picked his gift
And hoped it was something they liked
But not one to be stolen, because
Only when it made 3 stops could it be claimed





The hilarity was rampant as new numbers perused the crowd
To see what gift they could pick, or might be stolen from the
Gifts that were hidden underneath tables, chairs or behind legs
As the robbers stealthily roamed the crowd



Some got to select more gifts than others
As their prizes became someone else’s
So again and again, they got a new gift
Until finally no one else wanted theirs


Hissho’s Yankee Swap is always full of fun
As the employees munched on snacks, savory and sweet
Eggnog, hot chocolate, soda or water
Until tummies were full of Christmas fare







And each one laughed until they cried
Until every person had their gift
Including the compact power bank
That Hissho gave each of us



So as we wait for Christmas Day
Then New Year, the Year of the Monkey
We wish each of you a fabulous holiday
From each of us at Hissho