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02.25.16 | Preparing to Bring Hissho's Sushi to You!

Hissho continually brings in new Franchisees to our Headquarters in Charlotte, NC for weeks of extensive training.  Some come with experience, and some not.  However, at the end of the training period, all leave with the skills in place to operate a healthy, functioning, profitable business which they will own.  Hissho offers this cost effective opportunity to motivated individuals.   This week, Hissho is training 9 new individuals who will be running their own sushi bars across the country, from California to New York.  The nice part about their training is that for one week, we get to purchase the sushi they make for $2.  All of the money made from both our sushi and/or hot bar, goes to our Hissho Foundation fund.
Where else could you pay only $2 for such a delicious, healthy, fabulous lunch or dinner; and contribute to a Foundation Fund at the same time.  A win-win all around!  If you’d like to be part of our Hissho team, please contact us for more information:
https://hisshosushi.com/becomefranchisee/ & https://hisshosushi.com/careers/

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01.27.16 | Words of Inspiration & Wisdom

If you follow Hissho, you already know that we consider ourselves a “family.”  We pitch in to help each other when needed, and are always trying to encourage and offer support.  Not just at work, but for personal as well.  With our 60 people working every day at HQ, we have so many reasons to laugh, work and play together.  Our Core Value Committee has now spearheaded the effort to post “Words of Inspiration & Wisdom” around our facility.  Although we’ve JUST started, already we have signs showing up all over.  We welcome you to share with us, and feel free to add some of your own, if you’re so inclined.  Thank you for your support too, and if you’re ever in Charlotte, come and visit us.  We’d love to welcome you!
Here are just a few…………….