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Memorial Day | 5.30.16

As Hisshonians celebrate Memorial Day, let us always remember those who actively serve in the United States Military. We offer our heartfelt thanks to our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters who are fighting the good fight for all of us.

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Hissho Gives Back | 5.25.16

For the past few weeks at Hissho HQ, donations have been pouring in from every department for Crisis Assistance Ministry in Charlotte, NC.. Each month, the Core Value Committee tries to extend a helping hand to one of many organizations. This month, it is Crisis Assistance: They will take items that others don’t need, such as gently used linens, towels, bedding, and mattresses, etc.
Collectively, there were quite a few big boxes for us to deliver today. It’s such a small thing to do, but even a small gesture is meaningful to someone who has nothing. Thank you to our Hisshonians who made this happen!
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05.18.16 | The Results

Last week’s blog was about our Hissho team preparing for the upcoming Dragon Boat Races at the 17th Asian Festival at Lake Norman, just north of Charlotte, N.C.
This was our 3rd time participating, and this time WE WON THE GOLD in the B Division. We did it in 59.36 seconds!!
We finished last in our first race, first in the second race and, of course, first in the final race. We are so proud of our team and perhaps next year we will end up in the A Division. Now that we know we can do it, there should be no barrier to just how fast we can cover the 200 meters.
For more information, please see www.dragonboat.com
Not everyone is present in this photo taken with the medals, but a “Congratulations” goes out to the entire team!

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Hisshonians Team Build Through Racing

Hissho Sushi is involved in so much more than just making sushi and Pan-Asian hot bar foods.  For those who follow this blog, you know that we volunteer a lot, give a lot and know how to team build through fun activities.  One of the activities is to participate in Dragon Boat Racing.  This is the fastest growing water sport around the world.
“Dragon Boat Racing has ancient Chinese origins and its history has been traced back more than 2000 years. The first participants were superstitious Chinese villagers who celebrated the 5th day of the 5th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Racing was held to avert misfortune and encourage the rains needed for prosperity – and the object of their worship was the dragon, the dragon of Asia has traditionally been a symbol of water. It is said to rule the rivers and seas and dominate the clouds and rains.”
The Carolinas Asian-American Chamber of Commerce has a yearly Asian Festival & Dragon Boat Race held on Lake Norman, just north of Charlotte.  This year it’s on May 14, and, as always, commemorates the Asian Heritage Month.
This will be the 3rd time Hissho has entered a team and this year we have high hopes of bringing home the Gold in at least one of the divisions.  Last year we missed the gold by .001 second in the B division.
We have a great coach who has worked wonders with the participants this year, some seasoned, and some new.  As practices are held most days on our outside patio sitting astride picnic benches, the PVC pipes honed as paddles give incentive for each to dig deep and hold steady.  I’ll be sure and let you know how we fare in the next installment.
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Hissho Spirit Week

All last week, Hisshonians “got into the spirit” by dressing up for the selected theme each day of the week. Silly? Not so much – it was fun, crazy, surprising and a barrel of laughs! One of the most surprising things is how many teams were actually represented on “Jersey Day!” Enjoy the photos to see a bit of our spirit come alive!
Monday – Pajama Day
Tuesday – Jersey Day
Wednesday – Wacky Tacky Day
Thursday – Super Heroes Day
Friday – Color Day

Hissho Honored as a 2016 Future 50 Award Winner

Future 50 2016 Press Release Future 50 2016 Press Release 2
Hissho Sushi is the proud recipient of a Smart CEO Future 50 Award for 2016. The honor was presented to the company at a Rock & Roll themed ceremony at the Hilton Center City hotel (Charlotte, NC) on Thursday, April 21, 2016.
SmartCEO recognizes 50 of the region’s fastest growing, mid-sized companies. Winners in large “Blue Chip” and small “Emerging Growth” categories were also announced. These companies represent the future of the region’s economy and embody the entrepreneurial spirit critical for leadership and success. The winners were chosen based on a three-year average of employee and revenue growth.
This collective has had a significant impact on their community. Combined revenue of the Charlotte Future 50 is $1.5 billion. The average tenure for business is 13 years and they provide employment opportunities for almost 11,000 people.
In 2016, SmartCEO will honor Future 50 Winners in the following markets: Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Long Island, New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.  To learn more go to www.smartceo.com
Hissho Sushi, headquartered in Charlotte NC, is a thriving sushi and Pan-Asian franchise business which operates in more than 875 locations in 39 states plus the District of Columbia.  Philip Maung, the CEO, came to the United States from Myanmar in 1989 with only $13 in his pocket, and started his sushi business in 1998.

Hissho Named as a Fast 100 Asian American Business

Fast 100 Asian American Business Winner
US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce has named Hissho Sushi as “one of its Fast 100 Asian American companies that have demonstrated resilience and performance with excellence.  Together the Fast 100 generated annual revenue of $3 billion, despite the global economic challenges.  The country values Hissho’s contributions to the economic vitality of American life.”
Hissho Sushi, headquartered in Charlotte NC, is a thriving sushi /and-or/ hot bar franchise business which currently has 878 locations in 39 states plus the District of Columbia.  Philip Maung, the CEO, came to the United States from Myanmar in 1989 with only $13 in his pocket, and started his sushi business in 1998.

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4.22.16 | Hissho Cleans Up for Earth Day!

Hissho celebrated Earth Day a few days early by donning rubber gloves, grabbing a trash bag and heading outside to clean up our 13+ acres of property. Now that might seem like a lot of territory to cover, but we have over 50 people at our HQ in Charlotte. Most came out to participate, including our traniees, to scour spaces for bits of trash large and small. Collectively we got a whole lot more than we bargained for, and promptly filled up large garbage bags. It’s amazing how much trash collects “all by itself” without constant montioring.
After the trash was collected, we treated ourselves to delicious popsicles by our Hissho “Lake” which is actually a pretty large retaining pond with a fountain in the middle. It’s a lovely space to spend time relaxing, eating, talking, or to just get out of the office for some sunshine. The popsicles were delicious, and we had the “good” stuff!
Hisshonians do this clean-up usually 2-3 times a year, and it always makes us feel so proud when we’ve finished. Our property is beautiful, and we like keeping it that way!
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04.12.16 | Hissho & Mai Pham Event at Hobart & William Smith Colleges

Sixteen Hissho folks descended on Hobart & William Smith Colleges in Geneva, N.Y., to promote Hissho Sushi and Sodexo’s Mein Bowl on campus. The chefs were busy over the hot woks while over 700 people were served from 5:00-8:00pm. Now that’s putting out some food!! Chef Mai Pham (front row 3rd from left), who has a partnernsip with Sodexo, spearheaded this event to showcase what the two have to offer.
Some Hissho HQ folks went up to create excitement by giving away lots of Hissho goodies and students were thrilled to the point that they were trading, bargaining and exchanging their gifts – walking away SO happy with their loot! Of course the food was what they came for…and they were not disappointed!

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04.06.16 | Hissho Enjoys (Early) Burmese New Year Desserts!

The well-known Burmese Water Festival brings in the New Year! Hissho staff “moved it up a bit,” by preparing a very famous dessert made by our Burmese staff members.
The ingredients are many: bread, bread pudding, canned milk, coconut milk, rosewater syrup, a gelatinous dessert, tapioca, whole milk, vanilla ice cream, and probably a few more I missed. Each item was put in a bowl with the milk mixture poured on top of it.
So much work went in to make this special dessert in honor of the celebration that is a tradition still enjoyed across the globe in Burmese communities. It’s a great time of revelry, meeting new people, getting wet and loving every minute of it.
One website states: “Myanmar Water Festival takes place each year from 13 to 17 of April towards to the end of hot and dry season with activities such as praying for peace in pagodas, bathing rituals for Buddha and then gathering in the streets, splashing water on passersby instead of New Year greetings”
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